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How to Find & Accurately Measure Your Club Distances – Shotmiser Golf GPS Practice Feature

The most common misconception I encountered in my many years in golf tuition & golf club sales was the distance that pupils & customers believed they hit the ball. I would ask how far they hit driver and often get yardages that even Bubba Watson would struggle with. It’s imperative that whatever level of golf [...]

Personal Way Points
“How setting your own Way Points can improve your course management”

Way Points are features on the golf course that you can mark on the Shotmiser GPS to suit your game. The Way Points are saved then every time you switch on and select a Way Pointed course, your Way Points are shown automatically on the course hole maps, all with the associated distance information. Read [...]

Your Shotmiser GPS
– How To Maximise Battery Life Between Charges

We have a couple of recommendations to help you maximise the battery power of your Shotmiser Golf GPS. Watch the video to see how to adjust the settings for optimal power saving. From the Settings menu, we suggest you first check the brightness level. If this is set higher than halfway on the brightness wheel [...]

Illegal Golf Drivers:
Does your Driver conform to R&A Rules?

 In my last game of golf, I played with someone that was using a non-conforming driver. He had no idea he was using an illegal driver and that he would be disqualified. The likelihood is that this rule break would never come to light as most club golfers have no idea which clubs are non-conforming. [...]

A Golf GPS or a New Set of Irons?

The introduction of Golf GPS and Laser range finders has changed the dynamic of the make up of your golf equipment. Spending many years in golf retail, one of the most common complaints I got was “Another New Model, I`ve only just bought this one”. It was probably another new driver to replace the last [...]